Choose Your Adventure || Heethe Photography

This week, we're featuring Heethe Photography for the #ChooseYourAdventure Project!

1. How would you describe your style?
Natural. Candid. I try to capture moments and emotion instead of planned/posed shots. I don’t go into a shoot with an exact shot in mind, just an idea. Then I work from there. I like real laughs; real human emotion in my shots, so I try tobeas weird as possible and it hasn’t failed me yet.
2. What was your favorite part about shooting this project?
Not only was it awesome to drive up into the mountains for this shoot, I really enjoyed working with the goggles themselves. I liked the challenge of using the reflection from the lens to my advantage.
3. Where do you find inspiration for your shoots?
In everything. Everywhere I look I can see the potential for an amazing shot. I look at things like a camera would. I see the depth of field just like my lens would. I look at everyday life like Iam looking through a viewfinder. The more I go out and explore, shoot,and connect with people working on both ends of the camera,the moreI fall in love with what I do.
4. What is your favorite resort to ski or snowboard at?
I have always loved Sun Valley. I like to board in the trees and powder, Sun Valleyhas a plethoraof both of those to get lost in.
5. Why do you like Deft Optics?
You guys have some seriously sick goggles! Extremely good quality, and super comfy. I am glad I had the opportunity to shoot for such an awesome company.

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