Choose Your Adventure || Gill Montgomery

Choose Your Adventure || Gill Montgomery


1. What inspired you to start skiing/snowboarding?

I started skiing since before I can remember. My mom put sticks on my feet and shoved me down a hill. Then when I decided that one stick was better than two sticks, I had my best friends' mom (who was a snowboard instructor at Keystone) Teach me the ropes.

2. How do you want people to react to the photos you take?

I want people to look at the photos I take and wonder how I created that image. Whether it is the lighting, the lenses digital vs. film/darkroom practices.

3. Tell us a little bit about what photography means to you:

Photography is pretty much the thing that has brought me to where I am today. The mix of photography and snowboarding has brought nearly all the people I know into my life and has been the root of almost all the crazy adventures I get myself into. I love finding myself in that moment where I am creating an image. What works best for that situation and how I can make it look different than other people. I also love being able to capture the moments my friends create through their snowboarding and skiing and the places we find ourselves.

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