Choose Your Adventure || Riley Brunett

Choose Your Adventure || Riley Brunett


This week, we're featuring Riley Brunett for the #ChooseYourAdventure Project

I always wanted to share what my friends and I were doing on the hill, whether it was new tricks or just goofing off, I always wanted to have a camera in my hands to document our adventures.

What initially inspired you to start skiing or snowboarding?

I always loved skateboarding and skim boarding growing up, when I got the opportunity to get up to the local hill and try snowboarding, it immediately clicked for me. Ever since I have been drawn to the mountains and riding.

How do you want people to react to the photos you take?

Hopefully they will be inspired to get out and experience similar things. There is too much fun to be had outside and Im happy to share it!

Where were your Choose Your Own Adventure photos taken?

Tamarack Mountain Resort, Outside of Donnelly Idaho.

Why did you choose to shoot at that location above all others?

The rider in the photos, Tarek Richey, grew up riding these spots. When the snow is good I can always count on Tarek to guide me to the goods. Not to mention Tarek is always happy to huck his meat for a photo. 

What motivates you to get up, and get outside to adventure?

Watching the sunrise on the way to the hill, fresh tracks, untouched turns, big smiles, and riding until your boots are soggy and body is a noodle. Nothing beats the feeling of an accomplished day on the hill. Its also nice to grab a couple of killer photos!


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