Choose Your Adventure || Emily Tidwell

Choose Your Adventure || Emily Tidwell


This week we're featuring Emily Tidwell for the #chooseyouradventure project!

Photography is my passion. It’s what I look forward to when I wake up. I get to make others happy because of what makes me happy, and that’s kind of amazing.
What initially inspired you to start skiing or snowboarding?
I was a tag-a-long little sister, so when my sister started to ski I wanted to ski. One day and I was hooked! It was every Friday night, ski bus from school to the little hill in Southern Minnesota, out 'til 11, begging to go back the next day.
What inspired you to blend your photography skills with skiing or snowboarding?
My best friend and I would always talk about starting our own skiing company when we were in high school. The walls of my bathroom were plastered with photos of skiers and mountains, I just wanted to be there! You could say that thought stuck with me. But it took me almost 10 years to work up the courage to try. Now, I’m never looking back.
How do you want people to react to the photos you take?
I want people to feel inspired, to want to go out and make their own adventures! I am so amazed by everything around me and if I could have someone else capture that emotion, I’d be pretty stoked!
Where were your Choose Your Own Adventure photos taken?
All my photos were taken at Mt Hood, a place I’m lucky enough to call home. Timberline is the resort I always ride and their parks are so much fun. Even if I’m only out taking photos, I’m still glad I’m there.
Why did you choose to shoot at that location above all others? 
Mt Hood is my muse, even when I can’t see her hidden in the clouds she’s always there cheering me on! I live here because I love it. I shoot here because I love it.
What motivates you to get up, and get outside to adventure?
Fresh air, new adventures, that feeling of absolute awe when you see something for the first time. I’m inspired by my past too. I can still remember the first time I saw the Northern Lights, I’ll never forget that feeling of excitement, I’m constantly in search of the next awe inspiring moment in my life! And to be honest my dog, Cora, gets me motivated, too! She’s always beyond happy to be outside, playing in the snow, running down trails, and I mean... who wouldn’t want to be that happy about something?!

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