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This week, we're featuring Vlad Radion for the #chooseyouradventure project!

For me, the most important thing in photography are emotions and being able to capture the real beauty of my subject. Most of my photography work are weddings and portraits. I spend a lot of time with people that I don't really know. Before every shoot, I trying to get to know my subject and connect with them. When my subject is comfortable in front of the camera, I can truly capture their real character.

What initially inspired you to start skiing or snowboarding?

I have been snowboarding since I was 15 years old. I grew up in Sacramento CA. while snowboarding in Tahoe, California. My friends and I spent our weekends shredding powder up at Squaw Valley, Northstar and Boreal. The first time I went with them I dislocated my leg, but that did not stop my obsession with snow.

What inspired you to blend your photography skills with skiing or snowboarding?

As a wedding photographer, most of my clients are outdoorsy. Which means, I spend a lot of time outside hiking and adventuring with them. It is completely in my nature to have my camera on the slopes even if it’s an iPhone.

How do you want people to react to the photos you take?

Whenever I’m behind a camera, I try to capture my subject’s emotions. I want the viewer to experience whatever my subject is going through, wether its crying, laughing and so on. 

Where were your Choose Your Own Adventure photos taken?

These photos were taken up at Bogus Basin.

Why did you choose to shoot at that location above all others?

Bogus Basin is not big mountain, but it’s a gem. It has great groomed runs, and  a spectacular back country. Its my go-to place whenever I don't feel like working behind my computer.

What motivates you to get up, and get outside to adventure?

I grew up without a tv and we did not have iPhones back then, I promise I’m not that old. I spent most of my childhood getting into trouble around my neighborhood. Till this day I have an urge to be outside rather than watching movies or playing video games.

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