Choose Your Adventure || Gabriella Makena

Choose Your Adventure || Gabriella Makena


This week, we're featuring Gabriella Makena's #Chooseyouradventure project!

I just love taking photos. It baffles me. To me, it’s sort of like falling in love. It makes you feel great, motivated, inspired. And then there are those days when your mind wants to take a photo but your hand just can’t do it and it’s so frustrating, almost feels heart breaking. Like love,it just feels like home where you’re free to express yourself and surround yourself with love and good vibes. I also love the fact that photos have the
power to touch so many people. I think it’s really important to capture significant moments. Even if you’ve long forgotten something, the memory is still there in a physical form and allows you to almost transport back to some great time. I think the science behind cameras, and the history of them is really magical. Being able to take photos is being able to capture the light of a moment.

Featured Frames:

What initially inspired you to start skiing or snowboarding
My mom and dad had always been really into snow sports. They got me skiing at
age 2, so it’s always been a big part of my life. Over time I became really passionate about it and started skiing more and traveling to other mountains. I love the community and bond skiing creates and I think that’s why I have stuck with it.
What inspired you to blend your photography skills with skiing or snowboarding 
A lot of my friends started skiing park and became really talented at it. At about the same time I was discovering my passion for photography, and really enjoyed the thought of making my life about taking photos and skiing. So why not? I thought I could make a living off following my dreams, and tried to pursue it! Couldn’t be happier with where that’s lead me.
How do you want people to react to the photos you take
My main thing is I want people to be inspired to do what they love. I want
to get people stoked to live a unique lifestyle and be happy. I strive to make my photos vibe, hoping to give people that excited feeling I had taking the shot.
Where were your Choose Your Own Adventure photos taken
My photos were taken around Lake Tahoe. The two ski photos of Sammy Durk were taken at Boreal.
Why did you choose to shoot at that location above all others
Tahoe has such a vast array of landscapes and people. I’m here for college right now and have been enjoying taking photos in a new environment!
What motivates you to get up, and get outside to adventure 
I think most people have a natural yearning to be outside. It’s always calling to me, so I listen to it. Going on an adventure is exciting, and just makes me feel good! I think I love it because your focused on where you are, being present in the moment and looking at everything as if you’re seeing it for the first time; It’s refreshing.

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