Choose Your Adventure || Petar Dopchev

Choose Your Adventure || Petar Dopchev


This Week, We're featuring Petar Dopchev for the #chooseyouradventure Project!

For me, photography is a journey - a journey, which so far has led to friendships, adventures, some disappointments and lots of fun. It is exciting – you never know for sure what it has to offer!



What initially inspired you to start skiing or snowboarding

The community – a couple of friends of mine who were getting into the sport back in 2007.




What inspired you to blend your photography skills with skiing or snowboarding

Again the community – while snowboarding with friends we pushed it each day to progress and at a certain point thought of documenting the lifestyle around the sport.




Where were your Choose Your Own Adventure photos taken

Most of the current photos are taken in the Crested Butte area (Gunnison Valley) It's a heaven on earth!



What motivates you to get up, and get outside to adventure

Overcoming challenges and making it happen as well as watching the sunrise & soaking in the beauty around, while everyone else is still in bed.




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