• Comet Fire/Ice lenses are BACK!
    Comet Fire/Ice lenses are BACK!

    We are super stoked to inform the world that we have received our shipment of Fire and Ice lenses and they are ready to fly off the shelves! Order anytime on or cruise on in the our flagship store to check them out! Thanks again to everybody for your patience on this particular product and don't forget to post your photos with a #deftsquad tag for a chance to get re-gram or compete in our weekly #DEFTSQUAD Challenges for a chance to win some free gear. Shred on my friends!

  • Come have some fun with us at the McCall Winter Carnival!
    Come have some fun with us at the McCall Winter Carnival!

    Have you ever been to the infamous McCall Winter Carnival? Come check out the amazing ice sculptures, live events, street vendors, and live music! We have a booth set up and will be enjoying the great atmosphere and beauty McCall and its wonderful locals have to offer. Grab your warm clothes, gnarly boots and get up here because it's going to be XTREME! See you there!

  • Check it out!! 2017 Straps now available!
    Check it out!! 2017 Straps now available!

    We are stoked on the release of our new 2017 line of goggle straps. There are six new designs that fit an array of different styles from bright and flashy, to dark and sophisticated. Order now on our website, or check them out in action on instagram @deftoptics

  • Now selling on Amazon
    Now selling on Amazon

     Christmas is only 11 days away. All orders placed by the 16th of December guarantee a before Christmas delivery. So don't be left out in the cold, get your order in.    Hey guys we are excited to announce we are now selling a selection of our collection of goggles on Amazon. What dose this mean for you.... Well if you have PRIME its free shipping and 2 day delivery. Just in time for the holidays youll get your Deft Goggles just in time for Christmas. 

  • New 2017 Custom Goggle options
    New 2017 Custom Goggle options

    Its a new season the snow is falling and winter is upon us. Now is the perfect time to get your goggle game on point. Choose between our two classic styles.            The Omega: Oversized and Bold The Comet: Sleek and frameless   Along with a fully customized frame you can customize the lenses to the weather conditions and even customize the strap to match your mood or style.